Climbing Technique to Prevent Tiredness

Climbing Technique

Climbing the mountain is a walking exercise. Hence the mastery of technique goes right must be known beforehand. Walking in the mountains, of course, is not the same as walking on the sidewalk. On the mountain, you have to walk with a load on his back, across the valley, climb the cliff, down the slopes, or pursue a thin ridge-ridge. With a field like that coupled with the burden to be carried, the balance in walking in the mountains is an absolute. As well as the other pedestrians, you have to walk in a fixed rhythm, in other words, not stiff like a robot. Do not change like a dancer. Walking on the mountain also has its art. If a dancer has its pleasure in doing movements, then a climber who is running in a certain rhythm should also be able to feel it as a pleasure anyway.

There are some guidelines that must be considered within a stepped course; this is the first thing that must be considered. Walk with small steps. Do not force the foot to step too wide. The measures that are too wide cause weight often supported by one leg and the balance body could therefore easily be shaken. With small steps, the weight can be supported steadily by both legs. Keep in mind that the foot is not just to maintain their body weight, but have been added to the weight of the items in the backpack. Small steps and breathing movements regularly are great ways to save energy. For the experienced climber, running two or three hours without a break is commonplace. Sure it takes strength and stamina that only can be acquired through training and experience is not small. However, as the minimum size may be said that the hour with a ten-minute break is normal.

When it breaks, sit with your legs straight slightly above the body to restore normal blood flow, because when the body is walking, the whole blood has been centered in the foot. Sip beverages in moderation and eat some snacks. Try not to rest on windy places because cold air can be screwed muscle is resting, can cause cramping in the muscles. Choose the location of a good rest. Psychologically more profitable if you choose a location in the high part. This point of view will look beautiful. Enjoy reducing the feelings of fatigue after a long walk. Eating and drinking in moderation to restore the power. If needed, cook first to make it warm and fresh. It is better to eat a little salt to prevent cramps because of a lot of sweat trickling allow loss of salt from the body. Bringing fresh fruits such as apples, pears, and grapes are also very helpful to restore power. It is because it contains a lot of water and vitamins then consume fresh fruit is also very helpful.

When you walk especially, careful terrain is encountered. If you pass through terrain full of pebbles and rocks sharp, please be careful because the foot easily slips if careless. No different when you have to traverse the terrain rocky big and round like a rock in a river, for example, you have to cross it by jumping from one rock to another, namely the motion in such a way fast that stones trodden not yet had time to roll but you have to jump to another stone.

If the above condition is happening, of course, it is dangerous when you are tired condition. Another way safer is by climbing the stones one by one, slowly at first check the stone to be trampled, so not easy scrolling later. Which method should be used, it depends on your experience and level of fatigue. The steeping grassy terrain is often dangerous, especially when wet with rain or dew. Climbers that are not careful will be easy to slip especially when wearing shoes that do not fit. Similarly, the muddy terrain, muddy, and slippery are dangerous.

Do not believe the small trees on the edge of the cliff. These trees are often not strong enough to withstand the weight of a human, so easily uprooted. Trunks of trees are many decayed and broken when you press and hold the body in situ. If not convinced, just use trees as a balance only. Hike on the slopes with sandy soil is more difficult than on the ground hard. Whenever planted on sandy soil can be dropped down. You sometimes need to step feet into the sandy soil so as not to sag. The second person and so can follow the first traces that are not easily tired, because the sandy soil traces becomes louder.

Walking on the back of a cliff that is thin with a yawning chasm on the left and right is critical condition that requires different technique to repeat it. Strong winds that often blow would destabilize the balance of the body. Do not make movements abrupt and dangerous such as stone throwing or swinging arms out loud. Walk with calm and concentration, but remains in a steady rhythm and not rigid.

How To Survive Outdoors With No Money

Survive Outdoors

Money can buy anything, might be it is true. However, how to survive without money? Let say if you are get lost in somewhere outdoor and you do not bring any money. You cannot buy food and do anything you can do with money, including find any transportation. You can handle everything well as long as you know the basic rule to stay survive in life.

You can eat anything you have found in your area. Let say if you get lost on the farm, it is time for you to eat tomatoes and another dairy food including milk and eggs. If there is no farm or stationary food you can make a tactical tomahawk with a solid peace of wood and a stone.

Even if you usually eat rice and bread, you should stay survive with that kind of foods. Is there any another thing to consider before you go so far? You can handle everything well if you get lost on the farm. How if you get lost in Sahara and you do not have any money?

Let say if your car gets stuck there or broke there. All you have to do is finding the nearest gas station. However, when it comes in the condition run out of money, all you have to do is sleeping in the car. How if you do not bring your car?

You have to stay strong sleeping outdoor. Remember to use the long pant, long shirt, and covered shoes. You should anticipate the wind that comes to you and the dust.

How about to eat something in the Sahara? Find the water source first. It is the most important aspect you have to find. When it comes to Sahara, make sure you check the side road and wish if there is someone threw away their foods even if it is just a candy. You should stay survive to walk and find the houses or any people public places around it. you can get helped there. Do you bring your cell phone? If you do, you can contact the helper. Anyone of it, even if it is the police, make sure you can contact him. All you have to remember is the urgency of the help. If you really need help, you can run quickly and find any help around it. stay survive as long as you can. You can find any meals and food around you. Just hope if the miracles can happen.

What will happen if you do not bring any clothes to change your current cloth? Let say if you are in Sahara. You can put off it and put it under the sun. You can use it again because the wet of it is already gone. On the other hand, if you are on the farm, you can wash it use the water in the river. Let your brain worked well and you will find many ways to be more practical in handle everything. Do you know what to doubt any more? You just have to find water and water. just hope if you can get many things during your journey.

Keep to move because it decides your decision and the fortunate. You can save quicker than you thought if you keep walking. Keep to find any help. Only you who understand yourself. You can handle everything well if you know when you have to take a rest and when you can continue your journey. What do you think to walk in more than 1000 miles? It is possible to do. only you who know your ability. You should stay strong and keep to move. You do not need to worry about the food and the starve as long as you can move and keep to move. You can forget the reason about you can not do something in life and this is the way you prove it. whether if you do not have any money, you still can survive, but remember to hurry in finding the help.

How about the place to pee and poo? Where are you now? You can use a public toilet for it. if you are on the farm or forest, you can do it anywhere and use leave to slap it. if you are in the Sahara, you can use the stone to slap it. wow, nature has provided many things for you to stay survive!

What Should I Bring When I Want To Stay Overnight At Sea?

Overnight At Sea

Most of Asian love to spend their weekend in the sea. They love to fishing and grill the fish near the sea. They also do not forget to swim, if it is possible. Therefore, what should you notice about it? Well, let us talking about the weather first. You can come to the sea on winter like what Korean drama commonly showed. However, there will be not many things you can do in that season. You cannot swim but you still can do the ice skating. What should you prepare when you come in winter?

The first is fishing tools. Remember your first reason to go to the sea in winter. Do not forget to bring the cooler box, so you can keep the fish fresh whether if you want to bring it home. The next is cooking utensils and tools. You can bring barbecue stuff too, but it is quite complicated. Whether if you forget to bring any cooking tools, you can stay survive by eating the boiled fish. You also can cover the fish with leave and burn it. Well, let us move to another thing we have to consider to bring.

When you come in winter, you are not suggested to take a bath. Therefore, all you have to bring is only jacket and blanket. You still should prepare mini towel to anticipate any wet and do not forget the changing clothes and underwear. You can bring special shoes too so that you can play ice skating anytime you want.

Is it will be different if you come in summer? It is totally different. You do not need the thick jacket because the normal jacket is enough to accompany your evening in the sea. You also have to bring a swimsuit and another swimming tools, not an exception to the bath tools. You can continue to do the sunbathing and do not forget to apply sunblock.

Another equipment you should prepare is just same as in the winter. Is there any another thing you can do to stay survive when it is raining? You just have to remember to bring a raincoat. It is good if you can bring the jacket including raincoat. Do you know what to do with your equipment? You can ask your family or your friends about it if you come together.

The reason is simple. It is because of you can get tired when you bring too many things by yourself. What should you do when you forget to bring plates and spoons? Do not worry because you can eat the leaves. use leaves as your plate. You also can handle everything well if you bring bread in the loaf to make any sandwiches.

Do you think it will be very useful if you can bring many foods in the can? Sure, if you can bring it more, you can stay away from starving even in the sea. What happened to eat a sandwich on the sea? There is no problem with it, isn’t it? you can handle everything well today and just be ready to face everything. You must be known what you have to do and everything is simpler when you can make the list of it. what would you like to do later? Keep the dustbin with you and bring back your laundry to your home.

If you want to wash it in the sea, remember to not use your detergent. Many reasons you have to concern before you take a bath or washing in the sea. You should find any tumbler and take a bath on the sea side. Not in the middle of the sea. You have to read carefully about the rule from the government on that location. However, each state has its own rule related to their sea. Some of them are disabled for anyone who wants to camp around it.

Do you know another thing to consider except that? You should stay beware and be careful on anything you can handle. Fishing on the right rule too and you are not allowed to use any electricity to get the fish. Think smart about it and if it is possible, you can stay survive by using the branch to catch the fish.

Cold Weather Camping – Checklist

Some people still love camping on winter. This will be great experience that is full of challenge. Keeping strong and warm through the winter is important point. Wearing the right thing at the right time will help to pass through the track.

Winter does not only contain cold. Winter also closes to wind and darker evenings. You will need winter camping gear. These are several important things that should be considered when making a trip on winter.

Watch the weather

The weather can be frightful. You should prepare everything well. To prevent overheating, your kit should be 10ºC warmer. Wind will affect the ability of your body to control your temperature by sweating. You need to wrap up warm you body on a windy day.

A buff will protect your face while keeping you breath easy. Applying lip salve or Vaseline can stop your lips getting sore. A breathable rain jacket will be nice winter camping gear. It will make you dry while wicking sweat away. To keep rain off your face, you can wear a peaked baseball cap.

Make layer

Good layering can banish sweat and hold the heat. This can keep you dry and warm during winter.

  1. Base layer.

This layer should be able stop you getting chilly. The base layer should be lightweight and fit neatly on your skin. Synthetic wicking material is better than cotton.

  1. Middle layer.

The middle layer protects the body by making extra air-space. You just need one if the condition is very cold. This second layer might be heavier than the first one. But, it should be a loose-fitting to wick moisture away.

  1. Outer layer

This protective layer will protect you from the cold, snow, rain or wind while permitting your sweat to evaporate. Winter jacket will be winter camping gear that can help you withstand the cold, snow, rain, and wind. It should include a thick insulation in order to make your body stays warm. A good winter jacket will keep you dry. It should have a waterproof and breathable outer shell. There are many types of jacket on the market. A jacket that is loosely over the other layers is great choice to keep the efficient wicking and insulating.

Good jacket has efficient ventilation. A long front zipper will let you to control the temperature on your body. When choosing a winter jacket, you need to consider its outer shell. A shell can provide superior protection from snow, rain, and sleet by using a weatherproof material. Using a shell on overnight winter camping trip will provide versatility in layering option. A good winter jacket has various features to make winter days more comfortable.

The top important feature is a hood. A hood can add warmth. A removable hood will give a nice touch. It allows the wearer the option for lessening some bulk when the weather is quite good.

Reasonable Camping Gear For Outdoor Activities

Reasonable Camp Gear

The summer camping provides the great opportunity to practice your skill to build a survival shelter and beat some challenges. For many people, summer is great time to back to the outdoors. It can be nice time for a week camping trip or a day hike. Are you planning a camping trip?

As we know that three essential elements of survival are water, food, and shelter. Water and food are important to supply your energy. A shelter can protect you from wildlife. It will also keep you warm and dry. You will need camping gear for your camping trip.

Without a doubt, you will prepare some materials and tools in your bags. It is very significant to consider the tools that should be had for unexpected need. Sometimes, the condition cannot be predicted. So, you should prepare well. To make sure that you have the proper tools, take a list of several tasks that you will need to do on your camping trip.

You may need digging, de-branching, cutting, slashing, weaving, and notching. You should consider the tools that could help your tasks.

You need to select the best camping gear to make your camping trip more convenience. You should look for the important things when shopping family survival gear. These are several basic things that should be prepared for your extraordinary outdoor moment.

Camping Tents

A tent will be the biggest purchase. Tent is the most important item to make your journey a successful one. You should bring a tent for camping if you want to get more convenience. A tent will protect you from other elements when sleeping. A tent also provide warmer and safer place for sleeping. There are many options of tent. You can choose the right one for your camping.

Sleeping Bags

A sleeping bag is essential to provide a good night’s sleep. The temperature rating of sleeping bags indicates the lowest temperature that you will be able to stay warm comfortably. Generally, the temperature rating is for the camper who uses a sleeping pad and wears layers. You are recommended to select a sleeping bag that is about 15o less than what you guess the actual temperature. You do not need to worry about becoming too cold. Getting colder in a sleeping bag can be much more uncomplicated. But, getting warmer is more difficult. If you are an occasional camper, you can choose 3-season sleeping bags that can keep your warm.

Sleeping Pads

For proper comfort and warmth, a sleeping bag needs a pad underneath. Sleeping pad will make your sleep more comfortable. If you can sleep well, you can wake up well. You will feel fresher. This is important item when you are preparing camping gear.

Camping Stoves

Stoves are helpful to cook food or boil water. Warm meal will and coffee at night will make your experience more enjoyable. You can cook efficiently. Some people love cooking using branches of tree when camping. But, in bad weather, stove will be useful. There are many options of camping stoves.

Camping Lanterns

A camp lantern makes your late suppers easier. It is important item to complete your camping gear. You can also play games or read a book after sunset. A camp lantern can make your campsite like a small oasis in the dark. Basically, there are 3 types of camping lantern, such as: gas battery powered, and propane.


A tarp will provide more comfort and convenience. By placing tarp over your dining table and cooking area, you will be sheltered from the sun, the rain and the wind. Camping life carries some weather conditions. You will get more advantages from tarp.

The price of camping gear is not cheap. You can get discount if you know where to look for it. You can ask family, friends or find garage sales every week. The Internet is also one of the best tools for finding discount. Several camping retailers offer great discounts on their websites. You can visit, Sierra Trading Post, or GearUp. These websites offer daily deal and various ongoing deals. You can buy backpacking gear, hiking boots, outdoors clothing and more. Sometimes, you can get up to 70% off. You will get better deal in a clearance section. You will find more discounts.