Cold Weather Camping – Checklist

Some people still love camping on winter. This will be great experience that is full of challenge. Keeping strong and warm through the winter is important point. Wearing the right thing at the right time will help to pass through the track.

Winter does not only contain cold. Winter also closes to wind and darker evenings. You will need winter camping gear. These are several important things that should be considered when making a trip on winter.

Watch the weather

The weather can be frightful. You should prepare everything well. To prevent overheating, your kit should be 10ÂșC warmer. Wind will affect the ability of your body to control your temperature by sweating. You need to wrap up warm you body on a windy day.

A buff will protect your face while keeping you breath easy. Applying lip salve or Vaseline can stop your lips getting sore. A breathable rain jacket will be nice winter camping gear. It will make you dry while wicking sweat away. To keep rain off your face, you can wear a peaked baseball cap.

Make layer

Good layering can banish sweat and hold the heat. This can keep you dry and warm during winter.

  1. Base layer.

This layer should be able stop you getting chilly. The base layer should be lightweight and fit neatly on your skin. Synthetic wicking material is better than cotton.

  1. Middle layer.

The middle layer protects the body by making extra air-space. You just need one if the condition is very cold. This second layer might be heavier than the first one. But, it should be a loose-fitting to wick moisture away.

  1. Outer layer

This protective layer will protect you from the cold, snow, rain or wind while permitting your sweat to evaporate. Winter jacket will be winter camping gear that can help you withstand the cold, snow, rain, and wind. It should include a thick insulation in order to make your body stays warm. A good winter jacket will keep you dry. It should have a waterproof and breathable outer shell. There are many types of jacket on the market. A jacket that is loosely over the other layers is great choice to keep the efficient wicking and insulating.

Good jacket has efficient ventilation. A long front zipper will let you to control the temperature on your body. When choosing a winter jacket, you need to consider its outer shell. A shell can provide superior protection from snow, rain, and sleet by using a weatherproof material. Using a shell on overnight winter camping trip will provide versatility in layering option. A good winter jacket has various features to make winter days more comfortable.

The top important feature is a hood. A hood can add warmth. A removable hood will give a nice touch. It allows the wearer the option for lessening some bulk when the weather is quite good.

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