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How To Survive Outdoors With No Money

Survive Outdoors

Money can buy anything, might be it is true. However, how to survive without money? Let say if you are get lost in somewhere outdoor and you do not bring any money. You cannot buy food and do anything you can do with money, including find any transportation. You can handle everything well as long as you know the basic rule to stay survive in life.

You can eat anything you have found in your area. Let say if you get lost on the farm, it is time for you to eat tomatoes and another dairy food including milk and eggs. If there is no farm or stationary food you can make a tactical tomahawk with a solid peace of wood and a stone.

Even if you usually eat rice and bread, you should stay survive with that kind of foods. Is there any another thing to consider before you go so far? You can handle everything well if you get lost on the farm. How if you get lost in Sahara and you do not have any money?

Let say if your car gets stuck there or broke there. All you have to do is finding the nearest gas station. However, when it comes in the condition run out of money, all you have to do is sleeping in the car. How if you do not bring your car?

You have to stay strong sleeping outdoor. Remember to use the long pant, long shirt, and covered shoes. You should anticipate the wind that comes to you and the dust.

How about to eat something in the Sahara? Find the water source first. It is the most important aspect you have to find. When it comes to Sahara, make sure you check the side road and wish if there is someone threw away their foods even if it is just a candy. You should stay survive to walk and find the houses or any people public places around it. you can get helped there. Do you bring your cell phone? If you do, you can contact the helper. Anyone of it, even if it is the police, make sure you can contact him. All you have to remember is the urgency of the help. If you really need help, you can run quickly and find any help around it. stay survive as long as you can. You can find any meals and food around you. Just hope if the miracles can happen.

What will happen if you do not bring any clothes to change your current cloth? Let say if you are in Sahara. You can put off it and put it under the sun. You can use it again because the wet of it is already gone. On the other hand, if you are on the farm, you can wash it use the water in the river. Let your brain worked well and you will find many ways to be more practical in handle everything. Do you know what to doubt any more? You just have to find water and water. just hope if you can get many things during your journey.

Keep to move because it decides your decision and the fortunate. You can save quicker than you thought if you keep walking. Keep to find any help. Only you who understand yourself. You can handle everything well if you know when you have to take a rest and when you can continue your journey. What do you think to walk in more than 1000 miles? It is possible to do. only you who know your ability. You should stay strong and keep to move. You do not need to worry about the food and the starve as long as you can move and keep to move. You can forget the reason about you can not do something in life and this is the way you prove it. whether if you do not have any money, you still can survive, but remember to hurry in finding the help.

How about the place to pee and poo? Where are you now? You can use a public toilet for it. if you are on the farm or forest, you can do it anywhere and use leave to slap it. if you are in the Sahara, you can use the stone to slap it. wow, nature has provided many things for you to stay survive!

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