What Should I Bring When I Want To Stay Overnight At Sea?

Overnight At Sea

Most of Asian love to spend their weekend in the sea. They love to fishing and grill the fish near the sea. They also do not forget to swim, if it is possible. Therefore, what should you notice about it? Well, let us talking about the weather first. You can come to the sea on winter like what Korean drama commonly showed. However, there will be not many things you can do in that season. You cannot swim but you still can do the ice skating. What should you prepare when you come in winter?

The first is fishing tools. Remember your first reason to go to the sea in winter. Do not forget to bring the cooler box, so you can keep the fish fresh whether if you want to bring it home. The next is cooking utensils and tools. You can bring barbecue stuff too, but it is quite complicated. Whether if you forget to bring any cooking tools, you can stay survive by eating the boiled fish. You also can cover the fish with leave and burn it. Well, let us move to another thing we have to consider to bring.

When you come in winter, you are not suggested to take a bath. Therefore, all you have to bring is only jacket and blanket. You still should prepare mini towel to anticipate any wet and do not forget the changing clothes and underwear. You can bring special shoes too so that you can play ice skating anytime you want.

Is it will be different if you come in summer? It is totally different. You do not need the thick jacket because the normal jacket is enough to accompany your evening in the sea. You also have to bring a swimsuit and another swimming tools, not an exception to the bath tools. You can continue to do the sunbathing and do not forget to apply sunblock.

Another equipment you should prepare is just same as in the winter. Is there any another thing you can do to stay survive when it is raining? You just have to remember to bring a raincoat. It is good if you can bring the jacket including raincoat. Do you know what to do with your equipment? You can ask your family or your friends about it if you come together.

The reason is simple. It is because of you can get tired when you bring too many things by yourself. What should you do when you forget to bring plates and spoons? Do not worry because you can eat the leaves. use leaves as your plate. You also can handle everything well if you bring bread in the loaf to make any sandwiches.

Do you think it will be very useful if you can bring many foods in the can? Sure, if you can bring it more, you can stay away from starving even in the sea. What happened to eat a sandwich on the sea? There is no problem with it, isn’t it? you can handle everything well today and just be ready to face everything. You must be known what you have to do and everything is simpler when you can make the list of it. what would you like to do later? Keep the dustbin with you and bring back your laundry to your home.

If you want to wash it in the sea, remember to not use your detergent. Many reasons you have to concern before you take a bath or washing in the sea. You should find any tumbler and take a bath on the sea side. Not in the middle of the sea. You have to read carefully about the rule from the government on that location. However, each state has its own rule related to their sea. Some of them are disabled for anyone who wants to camp around it.

Do you know another thing to consider except that? You should stay beware and be careful on anything you can handle. Fishing on the right rule too and you are not allowed to use any electricity to get the fish. Think smart about it and if it is possible, you can stay survive by using the branch to catch the fish.

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